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Once John Mickelson slithers out from any blame for the devastation he’s caused with his Ponzi scheme, Jasmine Albertson finds herself barely left breathing. He’s taken everything: her husband, her money, her home, and her child. She can barely see through the haze of pain and hate. However, one thing is very clear: John Mickelson is going to pay, and she’s going to be the one doing the collecting.

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Mash Up
Disappointed. Disturbed. Too slow to solve a high-tech crime, leaving a key suspect dead. Qigiq (Inuit for hawk) needs a major change. That change involves pointing his vintage motorcycle south from Alaska to San Francisco. His new partner, the hyper-intense Kandy Dreeson, is set to help him master all things digital when Robina, a violinist from the local college, arrives holding an Amazon box with a thumb inside.

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